Chat Chuckle & Share – June 20, 2018

Wednesday, June 20th at 1PM EST/6 PM GMT

With Sam Redmond


Pam & Miranda Mahar of 4Legs4Pets

Co-hosts Niki Tudge and Louise Stapleton-Frappell will be joined by PPGBI Steering Committee member, Sam Redmond, who has spent a number of years working with wolfdog breeders and animals of different content levels. Sam will be chatting  about her experiences and the work she has done partnering with breeders as well as the situation in the UK with these animals. She will elaborate on what we are likely to see in the UK in our professional practices and what we can expect from these kinds of dogs.

PPG Corporate Partners Pam and Miranda Mahar, will also be joining us on the show to chat about their family owned and operated manufacturing business, of 4Legs4Pets, which has been producing USA-made indoor and outdoor cots for pets since 1988.'

About Niki Tudge

Niki is the Founder & President of The Pet Professional Guild. Niki is also the founder of DogNostics Career College and The DogSmith a national licensing company for dog training and pet care company