A Lure By Any Name is Still a Lure

By Yvette Van Veen

What is at issue is whether we are luring into something nasty – a ‘gotcha,’ or whether we are luring the dog towards something they like.  Teaching a dog to target and hold still so that you can do something nasty is still 100% nasty for the dog © Yvette Van Veen

Yvette Van Veen PCT-A is dog behavior consultant and owner of Awesome Dogs, in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.  She is also a long-time columnist and multiple Dog Writers Association of America award nominee, and currently writes a regular column for The Toronto Star.  She has worked with rescue dogs for more than 14 years, focusing mainly on rural, roaming and feral rescue dogs from communities throughout Ontario and Quebec, Canada.  She is also the creator of Awesome Dogs Shareables, an educational meme site providing resources and training tips in small, shareable formats.

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