My main passion is welfare and human animal interactions. I have increasingly found that focussing on enrichment, welfare and empathy are at the core of my behaviour consultancy working with horses and their owners. I'm particularly interested in how we can deepen our bonds with horses and other animals in a meaningful way integrating scientific understanding with compassion and love. I have a Masters degree in Anthrozoology from Exeter University and hold a Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management. I'm a certified horse specialist with the IAABC and currently studying Horse Behaviour & Welfare on the MSc Equine Science programme at The Royal (Dick) Vet School, Edinburgh University. I'm blogging to share information and knowledge I gain through my studies with everyone who loves and cares for horse welfare.

Emotion or Reason: Influencing Clients!

Harvard psychiatrist, Helen Reiss, asks this pertinent question: “Don’t we all want to be seen, heard and have our needs responded to; that’s the essence of empathy”. Professor Reiss is referring to inter-human empathy within healthcare when she makes this statement but it applies across the species barrier.    If you think about it, the very core of work such as […]

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The Words We Use!

The more I work as a behavior consultant, the more I realize how much we are all influenced by both the opinions and attitudes of those around us and, possibly more importantly, how the words we, and other people, use. One of the challenges for equine behavior consultants is the problem of stereotypical behavior. For those of you aren’t horse professionals; stereotypies […]

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