Ewa gained her foundational 5 year long education from the Working Dog Club in Sweden, where she also worked with temperament tests and ran courses from Puppy all through to Competition level. After moving to the UK 2006, she gained her Certificate of Higher Education in Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare from Anglian Ruskin University, as well as Clicker education from Kay Laurence/ Helen Philips (CAP 1 & 2). She has studied the Living and Learning with Animals (LLA) as well as Functional Assessment and Intervention Design (FAID) for Dr Susan Friedman. Ewa is constantly on the learning journey, following science within Animal Cognition and Training as well as human psychology. Ewa takes a special interest in an Applied Behavioural Analysis approach towards animal training and problem solving, however she is never ruling out Ethological perspectives as a foundational understanding for any animals function. Ewa has competed in Working Trials, Competitive Obedience and Conformation Showing. Ewa regularly sees clients for Behavioural Consultations as well as general training. Ewa also gives top level Grooming courses for the interested Schnauzer owner as well as show handling courses. She has produced two DVD's which are selling world wide - Puppy training and Home care and Miniature Schnauzer Grooming. Ewa lives with her husband Andrew, 10 dogs and 3 horses in Sussex, England, UK.

Scent Tracking as Part of Your ABC

When consulting on canine behavior problems, you will be looking at your ABCs – Antecedent – Behaviour – Consequence – as part of your functional assessment. The immediate antecedents, such as direct environment, setting the dog off doing something the owner is not happy with, are often fairly easy to spot, although sometimes challenging to address. There are excellent protocols developed […]

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