Susan McKeon, BSc (Hons), is a UK-based professional dog trainer and behaviourist who runs Happy Hounds Dog Training & Behaviour. Susan loves all dogs but her particular passion is working with and training sighthounds. Her philosophy is to provide dog training and behaviour advice that is practical and realistic for the 21st century dog owner. Susan is a strong advocate for using force-free training methods, based on the up-to-date, scientific principles of how dogs learn, and does not advocate the use of any methods that inflict pain or fear. Susan holds a BSc (Hons) in canine behaviour and training, and is also a full member of the Pet Professional Guild, British Isles (member no: 8671373), and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, UK (member no: 01157). She is also recognised as a Registered Animal Training Instructor by the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC). Susan lives with her husband plus two rescue greyhounds, a saluki and young rescue cat.