Tiffany Lovell is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and owner of Cold Nose College,Space Coast,FL. She has a degree in Animal Assisted Interactions and is a certified separation anxiety trainer (CSAT). She offers in-home, private training and behavior consulting in Brevard county, FL and assists dogs with separation anxiety anywhere in the world by working remotely. A former veterinary nurse, Tiffany holds a certificate in low-stress handling techniques from Dr. Sophia Yin. She shares her home with four amazing dogs, several sweet cats and her animal-loving husband.

Setting Judgment Aside

Professional dog trainers and behavior consultants who use force-free methods are some of the most compassionate people I know. We couldn’t do this work if we didn’t care deeply and want the absolute best outcome in every situation. So it pains me to think about these same individuals judging their clients for the choices they make. When I decided to […]

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No Trainer Is an Island

When I opened my new dog training and behavior consulting business four months ago, I reached out to local veterinarians, groomers and boarding facilities. I also took a little time to research other trainers in my area to see who was out there and what kind of services were being offered in our community. It came as no surprise to […]

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