What Does “Happy” Look Like?

By Lara Joseph I think it’s fair to say that most animals in our care have their choices restricted to some degree. For example, we have to limit options for their safety. Our companion cats and dogs are often confined to the four walls of our homes and the fences in our backyards. Exotics, both in the home and in […]

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Know Better, Do Better

By Lara Joseph Parrots are social creatures, often flocking in hundreds or thousands in the wild. In our homes, however, we usually keep them in separate cages and amongst a mixture of species. I do this as well, and I do it for their safety due to most of them being taken in because they have lost their homes. Keeping […]

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Our Greatest Teachers

By Lara Joseph In my opinion, as trainers, our best teachers are the animals we struggle to find opportunities to effectively communicate with. Animals such as these often come to us with reinforcement histories that incorporate a variety of approaches, interactions, and consequences to behavior, meaning a lot of counterconditioning will be required. As a result, we find ourselves having […]

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Breaking the Cycle

By Lara Joseph Molly is my nine-year-old Solomon Island eclectus parrot who lost her home a few years ago. What a beautiful little bird she is and I just could not understand why anyone would not want her any more. Well, I soon found out why she was surrendered. Before she lost her home she had developed this ear piercing […]

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Successful Cage Set-Ups

By Vicki Ronchette Whether or not you are bringing home a new baby bird, a rehomed adult bird or just want to upgrade your current bird’s cage, it is important to put some thought into your cage set up. There is a lot to consider when putting together a bird’s cage. This not only includes the size and shape of […]

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