Bunny Myths Busted

By Emily Cassell  Rabbits require much more care than has been described [in this article]. Their physical needs are large for their size. Their dietary needs are expensive and labor-intensive. Rabbits are stronger, smarter, and more mischievous than could ever be conceived for their size, and they can be incredibly destructive. They can be ridiculously loud for being largely non-vocal. […]

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Space Invaders

By Eileen Anderson Let’s say you are standing at a party, or in your office, or on your front lawn. Someone you vaguely know walks up to you. He walks up very close, face-to-face, and close enough that you can see up his nose and smell his breath. He starts a conversation. What do you do? You will probably have a […]

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Identifying Enrichment

By Lara Joseph In order to change a behavior, we must replace it with another behavior… In my role as an exotic animal trainer, several of the undesirable behaviors I encounter are lunging, screaming, kicking, grabbing, rushing enclosure doors as keepers try to enter, defensive posturing, abnormal repetitive behaviors, and self-mutilation, amongst many others. What, then, is our approach? Often, when approaching […]

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Conditioning Confidence

By Emily Cassell Husbandry training has been the primary focus of zoo training for decades, but has only made it into the world of companion animals relatively recently. The reason for this probably has something to do with the relative ease with which we can restrain domesticated animals. You could say the need for training a rabbit or guinea pig […]

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Adapting To Change

By Lara Joseph …changes outside the everyday routine, such as traveling or having visitors, can be a huge source of stress…Cats and dogs aside, think of how we keep other species of animals, either at home or at educational facilities. Many of these animals spend the majority of their lives in an enclosure, mostly for their own safety, and there […]

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