Addressing Aggression, the Force-Free Way

By Diane Garrod Reactivity is by no means necessarily an intent to do harm; the dog who hides shivering behind her owner or the dog who lashes out with growling and lunging are both experiencing the same emotion of fear. Both have the same choices that we would have for dealing with it: fight, flight, or freeze. The reaction would […]

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A Better Dog-Human Understanding

By Susan Nilson We may assume that a free-ranging dog lives unhappily without a human family. In some instances, this may be the case. But we also need to remember that free-ranging dogs have a lot of freedom that dogs living as companions, say pets, do not necessarily have. Free-ranging dogs have the privilege of deciding their daily actions and […]

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The Durability of “Dominance”

By Anna Bradley The internet is great because there’s so much knowledge out there, but here’s the caveat – is it always good knowledge? Of course not. Miller (2018) states: “The alpha myth is everywhere. Google “alpha, dog” on the Internet and you get more than 16 million hits. Really. While not all the sites are about dominating your dog, […]

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The Argument against Prong Collars

By Diane Garrod A prong collar has a pair of prongs approximately every inch. The prongs are made of wire, approximately 3⁄32 inches in diameter. Still ignoring the drawstring effect – each prong contacts the neck with an area of only about 7⁄1000 inches2. So 20 prongs, 80 pounds, generate about 579 psi at each prong tip, assuming they are […]

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Dogs on the Road

By Diane Garrod Traveling in a home on wheels can be a disaster without thorough planning. Any trip can be a full sensory overload for a dog with new smells to explore, wildlife to avoid, and evening jaunts in new environments. Before inviting your dog or other animals to travel with you, then, an acclimation period is necessary…Before heading out, […]

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