The Argument against Prong Collars

By Diane Garrod A prong collar has a pair of prongs approximately every inch. The prongs are made of wire, approximately 3⁄32 inches in diameter. Still ignoring the drawstring effect – each prong contacts the neck with an area of only about 7⁄1000 inches2. So 20 prongs, 80 pounds, generate about 579 psi at each prong tip, assuming they are […]

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Dogs on the Road

By Diane Garrod Traveling in a home on wheels can be a disaster without thorough planning. Any trip can be a full sensory overload for a dog with new smells to explore, wildlife to avoid, and evening jaunts in new environments. Before inviting your dog or other animals to travel with you, then, an acclimation period is necessary…Before heading out, […]

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Building Bonds That Last

By Jennifer Shryock Because dog and baby/toddler dynamics are constantly evolving, I would like to suggest that we shift the emphasis from the standard ‘introducing dog to baby’ and focus instead on working to build bonds as baby grows through ongoing, consistent trust and comfort. It has become more common for families to prepare their dog for the arrival of […]

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Great Expectations

By Susan McKeon Before retirement, most greyhounds will not have experienced many of the day-to-day sights, sounds and activities that companion dogs are accustomed to and that we take for granted. It is fair to say that, in most cases, early socialization of a racing greyhound is not a top priority within a racing environment. For most racing greyhounds, their exposure […]

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The Challenge of Breed Discrimination

By Kim Iffert It was finally a beautiful day in Chicago so I grabbed my bag, my leash, a pocket full of treats and tennis ball and set out for a walk. The neighbors were out and it was the perfect opportunity for a social outing – but not for me and my dog. As we walked down the sidewalk, […]

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