The Psychological Contract – A System of Beliefs That Needs to Be Articulated to Your Client

Written by Niki Tudge Copyright 2015 When you embark on a consulting or training relationship you should first ensure you have a professional consulting contract with your client. As a professional working with animals there are multiple liability risks open to you. Most of these liabilities will stem from one of three areas. If, as a trainer, you are negligent […]

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Bridging the Communication Gap

By Angelica Steinker This article was originally published on page 52-53 in the January 2015 edition of BARKS from the Guild, a bi-monthly magazine published by the Pet Professional Guild. Cognizant Behavior Consulting (CBC) is an approach to behavior consulting that provides consultants and clients with guidelines, boundaries and ethics. It is an emotion-centered approach that identifies and makes use […]

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