Giving Dogs Choices

By Stephanie Peters Many of the parents who invite me into their homes are swimming in a sea of misinformation, just trying to stay above water. They may have been told, or read on the internet, erroneously of course, that when their dog mouths or jumps on or steals food from their children, he is trying to “dominate” them. They may even […]

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Protecting Your Business

By David Pearsall Unfortunately, most general liability policies contain exclusions for personal property in the insured’s care, custody, or control. And for many types of businesses this would be okay. However, for the professional dog trainer, (or pet sitter, dog walker or boarding facility), it is perhaps the most significant exposure of all. This is because dogs are considered personal […]

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How to Channel Sales-Related Anxiety

By John Visconti Fears become an issue when they prevent us from doing what we need to do or when we spend an inordinate amount of time and energy engaging in avoidance behaviors. When the anxiety a stimulus produces is so strong that it interferes with quality of life and our ability to function in a productive manner, then it […]

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Stay Safe: Plan Ahead

By Daniel Antolec Anyone working with dogs understands the need for safety, but the member of the family you are working with that has a furry coat and 42 teeth may not pose the greatest threat. In conversation with some colleagues recently, I was surprised how many had experienced dangerous clients, whether in a group class or a private session. […]

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A Lesson in Compassion

By Angelica Steinker As the consult progressed, I made a casual remark about the importance of avoiding aversive stimulation. I was specific about what this means, given that such stimulation functions to suppress body language and can create a more dangerous dog that no longer gives any warning signals. The client hesitates and then says, “So I can’t use the […]

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