Is “Maybe” Addictive?

By Louise Stapleton-Frappell In operant conditioning, behavioral responses that are positively reinforced increase in frequency, intensity or duration. The cue is given, the response occurs, reinforcement follows and the loop is repeated. One would perhaps expect dopamine levels to rise upon receipt of the reinforcer. But do they? Some studies have shown that increases in dopamine are not, in fact, directly related […]

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The Crossover Client

By Eileen Anderson When I crossed over to training primarily with positive reinforcement, I had no idea how much my behavior and even my belief system would need to change. I had to question my faith in some long-held cultural assumptions and learn to rely on scientific observation and analysis. Crossing over was a lengthy process for me, and even now, […]

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Double Your Money: The Hidden Advantage of Using Food to Train

By Eileen Anderson We’ve all heard the comments: ‘You’re bribing your dog!’ ‘Training with treats makes dogs fat!’ ‘What do you do if your dog runs into traffic? Throw cookies at it?’ BARKS from the Guild is one publication whose audience knows better. I do not believe I need to convince anyone here of the benefits and ethics of using food, […]

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Training the Wild Friends at Best Friends

By Vicki Ronchette [An] astonishing thing happened with a different tortoise who we were told was overweight and needed exercise. This tortoise started out happily taking food but then stopped eating. However, she continued to stay with the group of people. I asked the caretaker if this tortoise enjoyed being touched and he said that she did, so I asked […]

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Home Alone: The Painful Puzzle

By Terrie Hayward Separation anxiety in a dog is the “equivalent of a full-blown panic attack in a human being due to the anxiety and fear of being left alone. The severity of the panic attack and the way each dog manifests and displays it may be different, but the physiological basics are the same. Fear and anxiety are best […]

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